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柴田文江(Fumie Shibata)是目前日本最为活跃的工业设计师之一,作为一个女性,她用自己独特的“柴田温柔风”风格的作品,“像个母亲一样,温柔地照顾消费者”,成为幼婴儿、妇女等事业首先会被想到的工业设计师。她的工业设计作品散发出生活质地细腻与关爱至上的理念,感性的创造让人怦然心动。



Our life is full of designs, and only people-oriented designs produce good products. We always talk about the “emotional design”, but consumers are only paying for the practicalness of products instead of fancy introduction or delicate wrappings.

柴田文江(Fumie Shibata)是目前日本最为活跃的工业设计师之一,作为一个女性,她用自己独特的”柴田温柔风”风格的作品,”像个母亲一样,温柔地照顾消费者”,成为幼婴儿、妇女等事业首先会被想到的工业设计师。她的工业设计作品散发出生活质地细腻与关爱至上的理念,感性的创造让人怦然心动。

Fumie Shibata is one of the most active industrial designers in Japan nowadays. She has her own “Shibata’s tenderness” style as a woman, and “take care of consumers thoughtfully like a mother”, making her the first choice for anyindustrial design demand of baby or women products. Her works always throw offher focus on life quality and ideas of care-and-love, which get people’s heart swith their sensibility.


Anyone who has used the works of Shibata will be moved by her thoughtfulness which is reflected in every part of her works. Shibata is both happy and touched by the customers’ feedback. “‘Tenderness’ and ‘thoughtfulness’ differ in meanings, but they are somehow so closely related in design.” – Such concise and comprehensive statement reveals the essence of Shibata’s design philosophy.


Everyone is impressed by how comfortable the MUJI bean bag is.


The “tumbler balance scale” will “lie down” when being used. It will “stand straight” on its own when you step out of it, which is both adorable and space-saving.



Baby training feeding-bottles “Teteo” look like a group of penguins when being put together, and its colors are soothing. The slightly tilted handle enables babyto hold it by itself with ease and its coordination between its hands and mouth. As required by the weaning stage, babies have to get used to “straws”from “teats”, and finally “they can drink from a cup just with their mouths”.Fumie Shibata suggested that four suction nozzles of different shapes are needed    for the training of babies.



S-03A Body Fat Meter, which is succinct and delicate in design, and you get all important data just by standing on it, including body fat percentage, visceral fat percentage and skeletal muscle percentage, as well as the display of previous records.


Her products may seem too “ordinary”, but then again, people can’t help but feel the elaborate details and thoughtfulness. Besides, her designs are alwaysclosely mixed with people’s life.


Her products may seem too “ordinary”, but then again, people can’t help but feel the elaborate details and thoughtfulness. Besides, her designs are always closely mixed with people’s life.


Now let’s enjoy some other works of hers with us-


Stationery & office supplies



Baby products


Kitchen supplies


Drive away the soft sensibility, generate freewill shapes, deep care and thoughtful accomplishment. The emphasis on shaping and orthodox is the most obvious feature in the designs of Shibata.